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Joe Hudson
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Please consider the amount of time this plugin has saved you and the amount of time I have spent working on it along with the cost of hosting this plugin. I would sincerely appreciate any donation you might have to offer. Thank you very much.

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What is Hibernate Synchronizer?

Hibernate Synchronizer is a free Eclipse plugin code generation tool to be used with the Hibernate persistence framework. The plugin will automatically generate java code when your hibernate mapping files are modified. Objects are created with generated code in an abstract base class and a user-modifiable extension class so user code does not get deleted when the generation is performed.
The automaticallly generated objects include:

Other features include:

How does Hibernate Synchronizer work?

When your Hibernate mapping files are changed, the plugin will re-write the code in your business objects. Alternatively, you can use any editor of your choosing by manually launching the synchronization process if that is your prefrence.

Your custom code will not be deleted when the Java objects are regenerated because the structure for all objects are generated as abstract base classes (where the generated code is) and empty extension classes (where you put your code). When the synchronization process occurs, only the base classes will be modified.

How do I install this plugin?

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