Actions can executed by selecting 1 or more Hibernate mapping files and right clicking. You will see a menu option called Hibernate Synchronizer.

Add Mapping Reference

Hibernate Synchronizer will examine your database and automatically create mapping files for you based on the database schema. When running the wizard, any tables that have 2 fields (1 character field and 1 integer field) will cause the wizard to prompt you to determine if the table represents an enumeration. If it does, an enumeration class object will be created and will be initialized with any data that exists in the table.

To initiate the wizard process, click File > New > Other > Hibernate > Hibernate Mapping File.
Enter the database configuration information, and select any tables that you want to create mapping files for, and enter the package structure you would like to create.

This is the folder where the mapping files are to be generated. It will default to the selected folder (if applicable) when the new mapping wizard is launched.