Actions can be performed by selecting 1 or more files in the navigation window and right clicking. These are available for any file with a *.hbm or *.hbm.xml extension.

Add Mapping Reference Action

After creating your mapping files, you will need to refer to them in your configuration file (usually named hibernate.cfg.xml). You can type them in manually or use an action to perform that task. Executing this action will add an entry for every file selected into the configuration file.

Synchronize Files Action

If you are not using the Hibernate Synchronizer editor to edit your mapping files, you will need to manually instigate the synchronization. Using this action will synchronize any of the selected files as well as executing the user defined project templates.

Generate Templates Action

Even though your defined templates are generated when the files are synchronized, you might have the need to access multiple classes in a single object model for a template. Using this action will load any classes defined in all of the selected Hibernate mapping files into an object model to be accessible in the template and perform the Velocity transformation.